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Landmark University Development Ventures (LMDV) also known as Directorate of Endowment and Resources Development Service was officially inaugurated in the month of March, 2011 by the Chancellor (Bishop David Oyedepo).

It was established to oversee the Business Enterprises of the University community and drive the revolution of these enterprises through the forces of demand, supply, and marketing, innovation, and revenue generation.


1 Olufemi Jacob Adetifa General Manager mlmdv@lmu.edu.ng
2 Olayiwola Olalekan Admin Officer lmdv@lmu.edu.ng
3 Ajagbe Grace Oyefunke Account Officer lmdv.account@lmu.edu.ng
4 Kolawole Kemi Bookshop/Bus. Cent lmdv.bookshop@lmu.edu.ng
5 Jeremiah Oloruntoba Bakery lmdv.bakery@lmu.edu.ng
6 Akanle Lanre Guest House guesthouse@lmu.edu.ng
7 Ajiboye Bimpe Boutique lmdv.boutique@lmu.edu.ng
8 Ogunlola Yetunde Female Buttery lmdv.butteries@lmu.edu.ng
9 Ajide Muyiwa Male Buttery lmdv.butteries@lmu.edu.ng
10 Fabiyi Micheal Sunday Lmdv Central Store lmdv.depot@lmu.edu.ng
11 Afolabi Adekunle Shopping Mall lmdv.shoppingmall@lmu.edu.ng
12 Afolayan Opeyemi Cafeteria lmdv.cafeteria@lmu.edu.ng

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